SEO Has Come A Long Way In The Last 10 Years

This post is one of our SEO Executives, Matt Beks’ entry to the SEO Chicks latest competition

SEO has come a long way since in the last 10 years; Google dominates the search market and practically dictates the do’s and do not’s with ranking naturally. Their share in the search market in most countries around the world is the envy of any business model before it. No doubt Google is the tall poppy that won’t go away. My predictions for SEO in the next 10 years are based on what Google will look to dictate and how where the competition will come from?

My first prediction is based around the idea that Google will be desperate to tackle paid postings. In order to win the war on spam, I predict that Google will start to expand their spam team significantly worldwide. Just like the CIA employing former hackers, they will employ the best link spammers and those who excel in the art of “link negotiating” to catch those who make a decent sum selling links and ultimately suffer a Google Penalty. So if you own a blog and you offer “Guest Posts” with a price tag you might ultimately end up with a Google slap.



My Second prediction is based on those who compete with Google. As with any tall poppy there will always be those who are keen to cut them down to size. In the next 10 years I believe there will be an emergence of a second superpower in search. Yahoo had its day, MSN/Live/Bing whatever (or any attempted future rebrand) had a go but has never been able to generate the brand recognition Google has achieved. With no other contenders in the UK market under the horizon, where will the competition come from?

With most western countries enduring from a financial hangover and borrowing kings ransoms from other countries I predict the new search super power will come from China. This is a country that has grown significantly over the past decade and has put man in space and has more people that use the internet than any other country just on the sheer size of the place. This would mean that China as a search market will command a decent amount of clout and would look to expand. I wouldn’t be surprised that the computer your reading this article on is made in China. I believe they have the capability and financial muscle of taking on Google if they wanted to.


This leaves the question, who is the contender? In China Baidu holds a 60% share of the local market and they profited significantly from Google’s bad publicity and subsequent withdrawal from the Chinese market. From reading articles on the current differences between the search engines, it appears that Baidu is fairly relaxed in its spam policy in comparison. If that were true in 10 years’ time and that Baidu have a significant share of the search market, we may see 2 completely different SERPS results: Google with under strict guidelines and Baidu with a relaxed policy. At the end of the day this will lead to a greater choice for the consumer and provide more competition and potentially a 2 site approach to SEO? A Baidu site and a Google site.

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