SEO 2022: What does the future hold?

This month saw some of our SEO executives offer up their thoughts on the future of SEO and the challenges the industry faces. As part of a competition hosted by the SEO Chicks website, the team took up the challenge of predicting what the digital world might look like in the next 10 decades – based on how far it has come in the last one.

Our very own ‘SEO chick’ Emma Drury kicked things off in style by travelling back from a future where SEO as we know it is in fact dead, with the web relying much more instead on integrated social networking. This, future Emma explained, was in addition to “brainwave-activated” Facebook and Twitter pages, more augmented reality and “3D videographics”.

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Alex Wade’s thoughts on SEO in 2022 were much more focused on how Google might be forced to develop its algorithms in line with how people’s surfing habits are changing. With more of us multi-tasking with television, smartphones, laptops and tablets, he suggested, it was clear the search giant would push forward with things like YouTube, Google TV and its recent Google + social platform.

Analyse Alex’s future SEO musings here:

He may come from a land down under, but Matt Beks was thinking right-side up when he pondered how Google would continue to put a great deal of emphasis on catching out those looking to take advantage of its weaknesses. Spammers and shady link builders would come a cropper, he explained, adding that the search behemoth would also face growing pressure from other engines like Baidu.

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New kid on the block Paul Chisnall decided that SEOs in the next decade would take their cues from the world of fashion. The future, he insisted, lies with those brave enough to don the whitest hats in SEO and those who buck said trends with black and grey hats would die out and risk being “publicly ridiculed by their white Stetson wearing brethren”.

Ponder Paul’s concept of SEO in the next decade here:

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