My Predictions for SEO

This post is one of our SEO Executives, Paul Chisnall’s entry to the SEO Chicks latest competition

I’m going to start this post with some fashion tips, in the future I believe SEO’s will mostly be wearing white hats, I believe they will go on to become quite the statement and the must have accessory of 2022.

The black and the exceptionally popular grey variety that adorn the most craniums within the vast majority of SEO agencies will shortly die out and will start to be seen amongst the search community, as a fashion faux pas so strong that it may rival the two-piece 90’s shell suit.

SEO’s still choosing to openly rock their black and grey head-wear will do so at the risk of being publicly ridiculed by their white Stetson wearing brethren and may also find themselves constantly turned down by their fashion conscious clients.

It may go even further than this as the Google fashion police have already shown a strong stance by outlawing Black hat wearers and assigning special officers Farmer and Panda to clean up the streets. Before 2022 we’re likely to see many more of Google’s agents fighting the war against the black hat and keeping the search engines clean for everyone.

On a serious note I believe that Google will make some serious headway in penalising most of the useless but heavily optimised rubbish that clog up the SERPs. There is a wealth of great content on the net but users rarely get the chance to see it as some of most straight forward search queries serve a wave of spam that no one really needs or wants. The job of an SEO will become a more organic process as we will be required to work with clients on producing fresh and interesting content which in turn will produce a much more valuable experience for everyone involved.

This image is an artist’s impression of what the average SEO will look like in 2022


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