The Sun To Publish 3D Issue

The Sun is set to jump on the 3D bandwagon and publish an edition which will include 3D colour ads and editorial in an attempt to follow in the footsteps of recent successes such as Avatar and, in particular, football in 3D.

The News International-owned red top will be the first national newspaper to run in this format.

the-sunThe one-off issue will be on sale on the 5th June, one week prior to the start of the World Cup, and will include 3D glasses so readers can fully enjoy the special content available. Amongst the 3D content will be a World Cup fixtures wall chart and of course Page 3.

The Sun will look to promote this special with a TV campaign that will run in May.

As you would expect with the amount of investment News International are pumping into this edition, advertisers will have to pay a significant premium if they want colour ads in 3D. This raises the question whether advertisers will be willing to pay a higher premium for the privilege. On top of higher media costs, there may be creative implications which would possibly put off advertisers with already tightened belts.  

That said, the Sun’s print run is set to increase by hundreds of thousands of copies which may help to entice advertisers. But will this be enough to offset the higher cost of entry for an unproven concept?

Initial thoughts are that this will be a novel idea which will sit well with the World Cup being filmed in 3D, with up to 25 matches being captured using 3D cameras. But looking beyond the Summer, it is unlikely that the Sun, or other national titles for that matter, will invest in this technology on a long term basis.

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