The Downfall of Yahoo Search

Early this week Yahoo, published their own style guide for writing, editing and creating content online. The unexpected part of the guide however, was the keyword research tools it suggested. Among others Yahoo listed a tool from Google Adwords as one of the best keyword tools around. The reason this was unexpected was because most SEO’s remember when Yahoo represented the king of all keyword research tools. Yahoo also used to own the popular keyword tool Overture until its death in 2008.

The fact that Yahoo felt that they could suggest their old competitors tools as the best around just highlighted the fact that Yahoo are slowly giving up on search. It is a real shame for Yahoo who have stood the test of time (in terms of search engines) for a while now, never having had a majority share of the search market. The first nail in the coffin was the 10 year deal that meant Microsoft would be partnering with Yahoo, allowing Microsoft to power the technology behind the Yahoo Search Engine.

Yahoo recently made another research tool with the Yahoo Search Marketing Portal, but that like other tools with Yahoo will soon be replaced with Microsoft technology, in this case Bing’s adCenter.

RIP Yahoo search

This article is taken from the July edition of the Interaction newsletter. In one of the articles, Matthew Hallett wrote a piece on The Downfall of Yahoo Search.

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