Modern Family Networks

Satisfaction with family life is high and despite views to the contrary (a quarter of all children live in single parent families compared to 8% in 1972 source Mintel) there seems to be a growing trend for togetherness. According to TGI 85% of adults enjoy spending time with their family. This togetherness is also supported by an article in the Daily Mail yesterday, saying of retired homeowners 65+ withdrew an average of £43,090 from their homes between January and March 2010–a third took out the money to help their family (compared with less than a fifth at the same time in 2009)



We are witnessing increased parental intervention throughout university and beyond. The extra involvement from parents may be the result of a number of factors:

Students and graduates are now tied to their parents by what is ”surely the longest umbilical cord in history” the mobile phone making it easier for parents to intervene.*

Parents are paying more education fees and expect to see results.

Government policies are encouraging parent involvement.

Despite the recession family days out are still thriving and theme parks having been visited by seven out of ten children in the last 12 months, only slightly down on 2005 (see chart from Mintel Family Leisure). However according to a Daily Mail article (22nd March) 42% of children questioned in a Yougov poll believed parents should cut back on family days out and toys during the downturn.

children-entertainment-graph * Not available on 2005 survey

Source Youth TGI 2003-09 Autumn/Mintel

As These surveys show the family network is still strong and looks bright for the future with families becoming closer and relying on each other in new ways.

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