Controversial IHOBO App Takes No1 Spot In Download Chart

Last month Depaul U.K launched an App called IHOBO with Publicis London which has now become one of the most popular Itunes downloads.

The App is intended to raise awareness of the sheer quantity of youth homelessness and in order to do this the app is aimed at a younger audience. Extensive media coverage and publicity surrounding Depaul U.K have contributed to the success of this app.iHobo-iPhone-app

To date more than 100,000 IHOBO apps have been downloaded from the store.

The app gives the user the power to control the life of a fictional homeless person.

For example they choose when they eat/ drink or offer emotional support.

The app also boasts Apples latest push technology to send alerts to the user.

The chief executive of Depaul U.K, Paul Marriott said, “Depaul has always prided itself on taking risks on behalf of the young people we serve, and the development of iHobo was certainly a risk.

“It is deliberately designed to provoke conversations about youth homelessness and so its name and content had to be able to cause a reaction.

“For an organisation with no real marketing capacity, the opportunity to raise the profile of our cause and our charity to such a wide audience is immensely valuable.”


This article is taken from the May edition of the Interaction newsletter. In one of the articles, Lauren Condliffe wrote a piece on a new iPhone app.

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