Radio Boosts Online Brand Browsing By Up To 40%

Recent research carried out by Dollywagon, a media sciences research company and other lines of enquiry for the RAB was set to measure the amount of browsing time a sample of people spent after hearing 23 radio advert’s.

imageThe research took a sample of 1200 people that had heard the advert on the radio and 600 that had not and found that the adverts that were most successful delivered a strong brand message that was clear with a simple instruction of visiting the brands website. They also used strong brand linkage to the website.

The Managing Director at the Radio Advertising Bureau, Simon Redican, stated: “The internet has become an incredibly important interface for customer marketing but the problem is that it also allows access to all your rival’s brands which means the key challenge is to ensure that customers seek out your brand specifically – marketers are increasingly turning to offline media to direct consumers to their brands online.”

On average the brands adverts from radio drove around 34% of the total brand browsing from only 10% of the media spend budget. This makes them around four times more effective. This demonstrates a clear relationship between using several media to achieve stronger brand awareness.

Mark Barber said the findings are highly significant for brands where the internet “provides the crucial final stage” of customer buying and radio advertising offers these brands the chance to “turbo charge” the marketing process.

This research clearly demonstrates the strong link between using more than one media to achieve the maximum rewards for any brand client. However the reliability of the research needs to be questioned as the sample sizes were relatively small and they were different sizes which will ultimately lead to a bias in the results.

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