MEC Dominate the Radio Times!

MEC entered 4 teams to the BBC Radio Times Quiz and all ended up finishing in the top 5 positions out of 21 teams that entered.

  1. Sorrell’s Children (MEC) 94 Points
  2. Rannulph (MEC) 92 Points
  3. Thrill-A-Minute (Mediavest) 86 Points
  4. John Forbes Nash (MEC) 71.5 Points
  5. Miuyagi (MEC) 71.5 Points

It was a fantastic quiz, energetic and lively and very very original.

Highlights of the night – radio-times-film-guide

MEC’s Alun Lucas’s thespian side came to great use yet again. He and Anton did a genius rendition of the famous scene from Silence of the Lambs – “A census taker once tried to test me. I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti”. The only difference being Alun and Anton portrayed the roles as two gangsters from NYC’s Harlem district – FOOL!!! David Downs was impressed and because we never refuse to back ourselves our teams received a well deserved 10 points.

The night was not all about the quiz, in the excitement of the night two employees of MEC stumbled upon a game of such great power that it was being played on the streets of Manchester minutes after the end of the night. One Alex Heywood being able to verify should the need arise. The name of this game – The Final Cut – all that is required is a copy of the Radio Times Film Guide 2010, questions to Winstanley, D-HOP and D-MAC. 

One thing that was apparent throughout the night was that MEC Manchester when in force can swing the competition any way they want and in the process have a great night!!! See you all at the next event!

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