Radio as a Trusted Medium

We’ve always known radio as ‘the trusted medium’, with its enviable close relationship with listeners. A new report from OFCOM suggests that radio is also the most trusted source of news, beating both TV and the internet in a survey of 1,824 people in 2009.

The regulator found that two thirds of respondents considered radio to be reliable and accurate, compared with 58% for online, 54% for TV and just 34% for newspapers. In addition, it’s the first time news websites have taken over TV as a trusted source for current affairs. That said, many people were still unsure of the quality of information sourced on the internet, outside of news.

One of radio’s great strengths is its functionality for listeners – people tune in for localised news, traffic and travel information as no other media can provide that minute-to-minute ‘just for me and my area’ experience. Combine that with the one to one relationship stations build with listeners and it’s no wonder people rate radio so highly as a reliable information source.

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